DISRUPT The Chains

We are a collection of donors passionate about, and committed to, disrupting the chains of human trafficking. Our model is to bring awareness to the atrocities of modern-day slavery and partner with those already in the trenches fighting to prevent, rescue and rebuild the lives of exploited victims.

Types Of Human Trafficking

  1. Sex trafficking
  2. Forced labor
  3. Bonded or debt labor
  4. Domestic servitude
  5. Recruitment of child soldiers
  6. Forced marriage
  7. Organ removal 
of victims are female

Million Slaves

There are more slaves today that at any other time in history.  Men, women, boys and girls of all ages are suseptible to becoming a victim of human trafficking.  

are victims of forced labor

Billion Dollars Annually

The human trafficking industry brings in 150,000 billion dollars annually.  SIXTY-SIX percent of this total, (99 billion dollars), comes from commercial sexual exploitation. 

of annual revenue is from sexual exploitation

Where We Work

Project Cambodia Esther's House

North Africa Beauty for Ashes

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