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House Moms Sponsorship

Sponsor a House Mom in the Beauty for Ashes transition home in Morocco. A House Mom is a trained live-in staff who care for the everyday needs of the girls by helping them learn independent skills, providing counseling, helping them pursue education and achieve their goals, ensuring medical needs are met, and helping each girl find a sustainable job so she can safely transition back into society. A house mom provides the warmth, love, care and open arms that breaks the chain of human trafficking by helping to prevent trafficking in at-risk girls and rebuild a victimized girls' ability to safely reenter society.  Your sponsorship will cover a portion of the monthly salary for a house mom.

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Project North Africa

We support the needs of a transition home in North Africa that supports girls in the local area that have no job skills, no family, and no where to go. These girls are considered to be at a very high risk of becoming a victim, or being revictimized of human trafficking. In the home, the girls are provided education, counseling, housing, food, medical care, and assistance in finding and acquiring a job. We also help provide emergency medical kits for girls that are unable to receive housing. These kits include hygiene products, food, clothing, transportation funds, legal aid in acquiring ID, medical assessments and medication.