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Dar Amal

House of Hope

Within the local culture, unmarried, young women are frequently rejected by family and society. Oftentimes, they resort to abortion or abandon their child at birth, and prostitution becomes their only means for survival. Facing desperate circumstances and dangerous decisions, they are highly vulnerable and at risk of predators and traffickers. At Dar Amal, we want something radically different for these women we want to be a place of refuge and restoration.

Unmarried pregnant women will come into Dar Amal and receive help attaining ID papers, education, job training, and health care. After the baby is born, the mother and child will remain in the home and continue to receive medical care for up to 6 months. Once ready, 3-4 mothers and newborns will move out of Dar Amal into their own house together and begin to look for employment while helping each other with childcare. The goal is to foster a family-like setting so the mothers have a support system while they work towards a life of self-sufficiency.  

Donations to Dar Amal will go to medical care for the women and their babies, job training, apartment rental, house mom staffing, and operational cost of the home.

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Healing House

As girls age out of the local government orphan system at 18, they often  have no job skills, no family, and no where to go. These girls are considered to be at a very high risk of becoming a victim, or being revictimized of human trafficking. Healing House was created as a safe place for girls to discover their value and identity. To have a space where they are not worried about how they will survive the night, and can for the first time dream of their future and who they want to be.

Each girl who comes to the home receives a room, clothes, food, medical care, a personalized education plan, trauma based counseling, language tutoring, Mom mentorship, help finding a job, and assistance transitioning into society.

100% of donations to the healing house go to cover operational costs of the home, staffing of house moms, and the above provisions for the girls that come into the home.