Flooding in Cambodia

Every year Cambodia experiences a rainy season in between the months of May and November, with the rains reaching a climax from September- November. Because of this, areas near the Mekong River often see significant amounts of flooding during the September, October, and November months. Cambodia has the highest risk of flooding of any of the countries in Asia, reporting a 57% flood risk compared to Thailand’s 24% risk.

This year, Sony (The 1 Collective Cambodia Director) has said that it has been raining every day since the beginning of September which has caused significant flooding in many areas that The 1 Collective helps to support. The flooding decreases the living conditions for people in the affected villages and can make an already difficult situation worse. Most roads are either destroyed or completely covered in water making it hard for adults to get to work, and those that could potentially get to work often have to stay home because they can’t get their children to school. The water floods into peoples houses ruining food, clothes, and basic house items. It also can get high enough to cover their toilets making it impossible to go to the bathroom in a sanitary manner. Children also often get ailments and illnesses during this time because they are constantly walking and playing in the dirty water causing sickness and infection. With the parents not being able to work, kids not being able to go to school, and any available crops under water, many families do not have enough food to eat during this time.

I have reached out to Sony to ask for a list of needs that have come up because of the flooding. The 1 Collective works with many families that are already high risk throughout many of the affected slums. Sony has expressed a need for food, clean water or a water filters, mosquito nets, blankets, and in some areas pumps to help get the water out of houses. To join The Collective in extra support of at-risk families through these difficult times, please click below to give to “Project Cambodia”. 100% of your giving will go to providing the afflicted families with any needs that may come up as the water continues to pour in.