Cambodia Flood Relief

Make a Difference

Every year between September and December Cambodia enters a season of heavy rainfall and villages near the Mekong River experience extreme flooding. The high water compounds factors that already put the families in these villages at a high risk of being trafficked. Parents are unable to get to work, children are unable to get to school, there is not enough food to eat, people are unable to use toilets that are covered by water, and many kids get ailments and illnesses from walking and playing in the water. 

At The 1 Collective we support the education of a number of the children in these flooded villages through our sponsorship program, but the program only covers the cost of their schooling, books, uniforms, and some food. It does not cover the added cost that comes from the effects of flooding. Many of these kids and their families are in need of medical attention on their feet, money for food and clean water, and relief from the flooding in their homes. If you are interested in joining The 1 Collective as we look to support these families through a difficult time you can give today and 100% of your contribution will pass through to the Cambodian villagers. You will also be personally updated on how your funds are used and the impact it is making in the lives of those you are helping.  

Sponsor a Child

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