Beauty For Ashes Update

Beauty for Ashes is continuing to press through in unprecedented times.  In preparation for the upcoming holiday celebrations the city is again in lockdown.  There is generally a sense of fatigue and weariness on all levels of society.

But, the little BFA community is looking forward to celebrating together as the girls prepare sweet treats and other special food enjoyed this time of year.  The girls have really rallied around each other and have kept a very positive and encouraging atmosphere throughout this entire season.  We are so proud of them.  

Covid has increased the vulnerability of many girls and put low-risk girls in situations of vulnerability who otherwise might not have been.  Since covid started, every week BFA has had girls coming to them who are in need of assistance to stay off the streets.  Thanks to generous donors, BFA has been able to increase their capacity from 6 girls to 10 girls!  This has enabled them to help more girls break the cycle of vulnerability. They also have been working to help with emergency needs of girls who may not be able to come into the home but need food, clothing, and legal assistance to find jobs.  BFA hopes to continue this emergency assistance as the pandemic persists and continues to greatly impact the tourist industry and job opportunities for at-risk girls.

There has also been an increase in the number of girls who previously have gone through the program and were doing very well that are now becoming vulnerable again due to the economic distress.  

Lilly, who had left for university in the capital city has returned to the home because her courses have gone on-line for the rest of the semester, and she has worked very hard to keep up with her classes.  She is training to become a prison guard.   

Nell, a master chef, is returning to the home for six months while we help her save up money to live on her own again.  The hotel she had been working at last year is set to re-open at the beginning of 2022.  She has found a job at a local fast-food place where she is working 6 days a week and getting paid $100/month.  She is working so hard, but clearly will not be able to support herself at this salary.  

In June the home welcomed a new girl girl, Melissa.  She has been living in the girl’s center for 3 years and wants to finish highschool next year and then go on to study social work in order to work with underprivileged girls like she was.

If you are interested in contributing to Project Beauty for Ashes and help us raise funds for emergency assistance kits which would include hygiene products, food, clothing, transportation funds, legal aid in acquiring ID, medical assessments and medication see below:

You are also able to sponsor a house mom at Beauty For Ashes for $40, $80, or $100 through The 1 Collective. For more information on our sponsorship program see below: